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    Get pampered, they say ;)

    After a mesmerizing day in heavy rains in Rubjerg Knude and a very good sleep in Hjørring, the following day was fully dedicated to get pampered with wellness in Aalborg. But first, a breakfast – once again at Højene Bageren, in Frederikshavnsvej in Hjørring 😉

    Hereafter, we went to Aalborg, got a lunch at Friend’s Cafe in Aalborg. Not that worth. Look how unappetizing my pasta looks. Absolutely without taste -__-

    Then I had booked a wellness treat for us, at House of Wellness. Very much needed, and sooooo good! We got “Just The Two of Us” for 2 persons, which included full body massage, peeling and a facial. Damn, what a pleasure it was 🙂 A very good treat, and I will definitely give the staffa great applause for a pleasant and kind treat.

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    Ever seen Rubjerg Knude during downpour? – Another trip to Northern Jylland

    Again, later in july this year, my bestie and I went for a road trip to Rubjerg Knude, Hjørring and Aalborg. We were not really sure about whether to go to Rubjerg Knude or not, as it was going to rain, but we somehow did – because, I badly wanted to see this place once again, especially during rain, and I wanted my bestie to see it too.

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    Råbjerg Mile & Hjørring

    After a day-long trip to the Palm Beach, Skagen and Grenen, we went to Råbjerg Mile. Yes, really we did.

    Råbjerg Mile, the (mini) desert-like place of Denmark. It is actually a migrating set of sand dunes, that keeps moving about 15 metres per year, towards Kattegat. It is the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. It has a space of about 1000 m long and 1000 m wide dune of sand, where the highest point is approx. 40 m above sea level. I think this place is mesmerizing, and definitely a must-visit!