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    My first Pani Puri ;)

    As mentioned before, our dinner at the great michelin-restaurant Kokkeriet was a disaster at another level, that we had to leave as we fell pretty much cheated and unwell. I still had to pay about 2.000 kr., even though we didn’t complete the whole menu – what a disappointment! I actually don’t understand how this awful place is rated a Michelin star. Whaaaaat the actual….

    We then walked down the streets back to the hotel, totally uneasy and hungry as well, but luckily Rangoli was there to welcome us with GREAT food and service. Thanks for that!

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    Tramonto Rooftop – Italian Restaurant, Copenhagen

    After the brunch at the Union Kitchen, we went for a walk at Nyhavn. Such a beautiful place, it is. Nyhavn, which original name was Det Nye Havn, from 1673, was a trading harbour, where ship from around the world arrived. It was initiated by King Christian V. Today it’s Nyhavn and is full of restaurant, bars and the colourful houses.

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    Brunch – The Union Kitchen

    I had reserved tables at almost all the places we were going to eat at, as you know, CPH is always busy and it’s not easy to get a table, when you want to eat. So book in advance 😉

    As I am the planner, I therefore booked the tables etc., and I decided that we had to try some of the famous brunches in CPH. So, the first brunch was at The Union Kitchen. The Union Kitchen has 3 branches, and they have one close to Phoenix Copenhagen, so it was quite easy 😉

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    Ever seen Rubjerg Knude during downpour? – Another trip to Northern Jylland

    Again, later in july this year, my bestie and I went for a road trip to Rubjerg Knude, Hjørring and Aalborg. We were not really sure about whether to go to Rubjerg Knude or not, as it was going to rain, but we somehow did – because, I badly wanted to see this place once again, especially during rain, and I wanted my bestie to see it too.

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    Al Meza – Mediterranean Brunch in Aarhus!


    Few weeks ago I and some of my friends went for brunch in Aarhus; we chose Al Meza at Frederiks Allé, because my friend really recommended us to try their food.

    Al Meza offers a varieties of dishes from the Mediterranean kitchen and few danish food items too, where you can choose 3, 5 or 7 dishes of own choice from their set of menu. It’s INexpensive, and so tasty! Moreover they offer a nice variety of both cold and hot beverages 🧉😋

    I went for 7 dishes and their lemonade with mint. My God, so far the best brunch I’ve ever had in my life! I’m definitely going for another brunch or 2, or 10 here 😄

    Have a closer look at some of them! 😋😍

    And the 2 other dishes were Batata Harra and Mozzarella w. tomatoes & pesto.