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    Friday Session: 14.08.2020

    It should be time for a grand thiruvizha at the temple in my “birth” town, but due to corona there’re only nithya poojas. Sadly. But it’s okay. I’m just praying as usual 🙂

    Enjoy this friday with the LOVELY Ajith song, that’s dedicated to the Tamil god Murugan. This song was actually the reason I REALLY wanted to visit Batu Caves. I went there last year, and it was so satisfying!

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    Friday Session: 24.07.2020

    I should’ve posted this song weeks ago, but I had to post some other songs, so therefore it’s time for this catchy song N O W <3 😉

    Being a tamil, I do listen to Telugu songs too (and Malayalam). There are so much good music out there from the Southindian Film Industry, that I want to share with you guys 😉