Tamil – Shopping and Dining in La Chapelle, Paris

La Chapelle is a small district in Paris near Gare du Nord, that is known as Littel India, because of its many indian/tamil residents, and here you find plenty of indian and tamil shops and restaurants.

I have heard about La Chapelle in tamil adverts, and wanted to visit that place, as it’s a great place to do some “tamil” shopping if you are/live in Paris.  Continue reading “Tamil – Shopping and Dining in La Chapelle, Paris”

Framboise Restaurant de Crêpes – Paris

As mentioned in the previous post, Carrousel du Louvre is an awesome place for shopping, and indeed a very beautiful shopping mall. Despite having a food court with several restaurants, it is impossible to get a table, where you can sit and enjoy your food. We therefore didn’t eat here, and instead went outside Musée du Louvre and found a place to eat. The place around Louvre is very busy and very crowded. There are people everywhere, each restaurant is full of people, so it is a bit tough to find a place to eat, if you don’t do a research in advance. So beware!! Continue reading “Framboise Restaurant de Crêpes – Paris”

Gabriel Restaurant, La Réserve Hotel – Paris

The guided tour that we went on the 3rd day in Paris included visit to teh Eiffel Tower, Cruise on River Seine, visit to Musée du Louvre and Notre Dame Church (that has free entrance). We were very much exhausted, and after walking around for a while in Louvre we were so tired that we decided to skip Notre Dame, and we actually felt we didn’t needed to go inside the church etc. Moreover, we already had seen the church on the cruise. We therefore went back to our hotel after visiting Louvre to rest, and freshen up before our dinner at La Réserve Hotel.  Continue reading “Gabriel Restaurant, La Réserve Hotel – Paris”

Mayfair Garden Indian Restaurant – Champs Elysées, Paris

For dinner, on the friday in Paris, I had booked a table for dinner at Mayfair Garden at Champs Elysées that is an indian restaurant. According to Tripadvisor Mayfair Garden is the 48th best restaurant and the 2nd best indian restaurant in Paris, so I thought we would have a nice time here. We went there after seeing Arc de Triomphe d’Étoile, as Mayfair Garden is to be found at 26 rue Lauriston in Champs Elysées. Continue reading “Mayfair Garden Indian Restaurant – Champs Elysées, Paris”