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    Happy New Year – 2022 💙🧿

    The year that’s now come to an end, has indeed been a year full of lessons, but luckily also a year with beautiful memories!

    I’m looking forward for the new year, and pray it will bring luck, love, success and many more beautiful moments to cherish ♥️

    – For us deserving it!

    One thing I really learned is to have self-respect. Yes, because I used to be one who put others before me. I did it even though I KNEW I shouldn’t, but ended up doing it to make others happy. The most ridiculous thing I used to do! 2021 learned me the very hard way not to trust others’ words, and I ended up as a mess. This is not going to happen again.

    You know, most people do what’s easy. They don’t follow justice at all. And that was hard for me to realize. But I faced it and accepted it the hard way. But know I’m ready for a new chapter, with a better and cleverer version of myself. The new me is NOT going to trust anybody, and I’m not going to put others first. I learned how important self-respect is. Yes.

    Therefore, time should be good for those deserving it. I believe that karma excist 😉

    💙 Wishing you all a very happy new year! 💙
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    Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

    A leading museum of modern art in the whole world, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located in Humblebærk, north of Copenhagen, and close to Helsingør.

    It was my first time ever, and I’ve heard many things about this museum from my brother and some friends. Even my friend has been here before, and as we didn’t have any plans that weekend, she asked if I wanted to visit Louisiana. Again, why not? I mean, it is actually something you HAVE to, being a resident in Denmark – or when you are in Denmark. Simply because it’s one of the most prominent museums in the world, for modern art.

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    Brunch – Cafe On The Six / Oha Valby

    So yeah!

    I visited one of my really close friends in CPH, and we had a great weekend!

    We went for dinner at Rangoli (again), and went home and watched some tamil film.

    The next day, we had some troubles in finding a good place for brunch, as you – of course – have to order in advance, as it is not easy to find something “right now”. But luckily we got a table at Cafe on the Six in Valby – formerly known as Oha. My friend told me that some of her colleagues had mentioned this place, so we were like “okay, why not?”.

    While my friend got the “normal” brunch, that includes fish in it, I got the vegan brunch in stead, along with a moringa latte. God knows why I chose this kind of latte. I thought it could be healthy, but God, it was the most bitter latter I’ve ever got. I had to drink it “at once”, in one take actually 🙁

    The brunch was somehow only average. Nothing wow in it. The waffles were dry and hard to eat. The other items were ok. We were not surprised, and not really full. I think this was the first and last time for us to eat here 😉

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    My first Pani Puri ;)

    As mentioned before, our dinner at the great michelin-restaurant Kokkeriet was a disaster at another level, that we had to leave as we fell pretty much cheated and unwell. I still had to pay about 2.000 kr., even though we didn’t complete the whole menu – what a disappointment! I actually don’t understand how this awful place is rated a Michelin star. Whaaaaat the actual….

    We then walked down the streets back to the hotel, totally uneasy and hungry as well, but luckily Rangoli was there to welcome us with GREAT food and service. Thanks for that!