Happy New Year – 2022 💙🧿

The year that’s now come to an end, has indeed been a year full of lessons, but luckily also a year with beautiful memories!

I’m looking forward for the new year, and pray it will bring luck, love, success and many more beautiful moments to cherish ♥️

– For us deserving it!

One thing I really learned is to have self-respect. Yes, because I used to be one who put others before me. I did it even though I KNEW I shouldn’t, but ended up doing it to make others happy. The most ridiculous thing I used to do! 2021 learned me the very hard way not to trust others’ words, and I ended up as a mess. This is not going to happen again.

You know, most people do what’s easy. They don’t follow justice at all. And that was hard for me to realize. But I faced it and accepted it the hard way. But know I’m ready for a new chapter, with a better and cleverer version of myself. The new me is NOT going to trust anybody, and I’m not going to put others first. I learned how important self-respect is. Yes.

Therefore, time should be good for those deserving it. I believe that karma excist 😉

💙 Wishing you all a very happy new year! 💙

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