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My first Pani Puri ;)

As mentioned before, our dinner at the great michelin-restaurant Kokkeriet was a disaster at another level, that we had to leave as we fell pretty much cheated and unwell. I still had to pay about 2.000 kr., even though we didn’t complete the whole menu – what a disappointment! I actually don’t understand how this awful place is rated a Michelin star. Whaaaaat the actual….

We then walked down the streets back to the hotel, totally uneasy and hungry as well, but luckily Rangoli was there to welcome us with GREAT food and service. Thanks for that!

Rangoli is an north indian restaurant. Also one of the best north indian food I’ve had so far in Denmark. But okay, when you live in Jylland, you can’t expect the same great taste, as you find at restaurants in CPH, EXCEPT Kokkeriet (of course -_-)

And guess what?

Rangoli offer pani puri. PANI PURI. I mean, P A N I P U R I !!!!

I’ve never tried pani puri before, and it has been on my bucketlist for aaaaaages, since I wathced the film Santhosh Subramanian for the first time, where Hasini talks about pani puri 😉 So finally, I got to taste this. And it was actually far better than I expected. You know, when you finally try something, you’ve wanted for ages, my expectations are low. Because, you see, I don’t want to be disappointed 😉

But pani puri has become my new favourite starter/snack/meal. I could eat 20 of them!!

Hereafter I got a veryyyyyy creamy, tastyyyyyyyy paneer masala with a paratha and a garlic naan. My god. What a heaven. I tell you!! Few weeks later, I invited one of my friends to this place too, btw 😉 My drink – a tamarind mojito. First time ever trying a mojito with tamarind. What a great combination. I love it!

Again, thank you make our bellies full and for giving us a great dinner 🙂

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