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Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

The Glyptotek – or the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, as it’s originally named – is a museum, founded by Carl Jacobsen, who was the founder of the famous Carlsberg brewery as well. Carl was very fond of art and a very passionate collector of art. At first, his collections were meant to be at his home, but it was very soon clear, that there weren’t enough room for his collections, that he therefore founded the Ny Calrsberg Glyptotek and dedicated all his art collections to the danish people.

The Glyptotek itself is a very interesting piece of architecture. As of Carl’s wishes, the building itself should be breathtaking, and esthetic. Beautiful, and with harmony. Satisfactioning.

Today, the museum contains nothing less than 10.000 pieces of art and archaeological finds, and shows persepctives of people’s lives and cultures through a time span of about 6.000 years. Sounds incredible, right? 😉

As you might have discovered, again the Swastika is seen in several places here too – as you also find in Carlsbergbyen. As you might know, (Carl and) Carlsberg used the Swastika as the main symbol, and they did so until 1945 – because, the Nazis misused the symbol, and the Swastika became an inappropiate symbol hereafter, which is a pity!

Here, you also find the very beautiful Vinterhaven – a very original idea by Carl himself, designed by Dahlerup (the architect behind the oldest building of Glyptoteket), but was only created by Kampmann alongside Kampmann’s building, and consecrated in 1906. Carls wished the Vinterhaven to be a resting space for the visitors, where they as well could enjoy the art in an unusual way.

This was actually my first time in Glyptoteket, but I think I’ll return, as I have a great passion for art, archaeology and history. I think it’s one of the most interesting ways to travel in time and to wonder about how ancient civilizations lived. I think it’s thrilling, actually!

Then we returned to the hotel, and went for a tea/chocolate date at Peter Beier’s 😉

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