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AIRE Ancient Baths – Copenhagen

Aaaaand guess what!

My bestie gifted us a wellness experience to Aire Ancient Baths in Copenhagen. Two of my friends have earlier mentioned about this place, and as I kept talking about it, I guess my bestie captured my allusions and bought this for us 😉

I guess we had the Perfect Tandem pack, as we had a full body massage with sandalwood and a very long bath. My God, such a pleasure. This is actually the best wellness retreat I’ve ever tried.

So what’s Aire all about?

Aire is a bath concept, inspired by the Turkish Hammam baths, but Aire claims to have their inspirations from the ancient greeks and romans, where you can enter different baths in different temperatures (and have massage too, if you want to). Although it’s a Turkish inspired bath, it is Spanish owned with several branches in Europe. The thermal baths – there are 8 of them – is indeed very special. The atmosphere is very calming, and you feel like you’re in a different world. Indeed special, and a must try. But please note, this is not for children. You’ll either enter solo, or as a couple (or as friends), but you have to be calm and quiet, and respect these rules, as the experience is quite meditative.

I’ve already decided myself, that I’ll have some time at Aire at least once in a year from now on. Because it’s all worth the money and time, and you feel so refreshed. Definitely a stress buster.

You find Aire in the historical Carlsberg building, at the Carlsbergbyen. Where the old Carlsberg brewery was located. As we decided to have our lunch here too, it was easy for us, and we didn’t have to stress about anything.

It’s funny to see the Swastika symbol at several places here. As you might know, Swastika is an ancient hindu/vedic symbol for luck (and much more). Unfortunately misused by someone, no names.

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