Vegetarian Dining in Copenhagen,  Vegetarian Dining in Denmark

Brunch – The Union Kitchen

I had reserved tables at almost all the places we were going to eat at, as you know, CPH is always busy and it’s not easy to get a table, when you want to eat. So book in advance 😉

As I am the planner, I therefore booked the tables etc., and I decided that we had to try some of the famous brunches in CPH. So, the first brunch was at The Union Kitchen. The Union Kitchen has 3 branches, and they have one close to Phoenix Copenhagen, so it was quite easy 😉

When I researched for the best places for vegetarian brunch, The Union Kitchen popped up. I checked the reviews, and it was promising. So this was going to be our first brunch.

I, of course, got a vegetarian brunch. It was actually pretty good and very filling. I got the signature coffee along with my brunch.

The only minus is that it’s so loud here. So if you are sensitive to this, I can not recommend this place. Even I am very sensitive to (loud) noise, so for me, I wouldn’t come here again. But the food was tasty and with variety, but due to the noise I felt uneasy :-/

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