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Did you say chocolate?

After the cozy break at Mormors, we went to see Amalienborg, as my bestie has never been there. I have been there once when I was in 7th st. We went to Copenhagen with the entire school, and it was so fun. When went to visit Amalienborg back then, we actually saw the queen and she even waved at us, as she got into her carriage. As a kid, you feel so special, because the queen herself waved at you 😁😅Though I’ve been in CPH several times, I haven’t been at Amalienborg since 2001.

Amalienborg was built back in 1750, and was in the beginning built for the 4 prominent nobles of that time; Moltke, Levetzau, Brockdorff and Løvenskiold. They were built as 4 almost identical buildings in rococo style on the occassion of the 300-year celebration of King Christian I’s coronation, and was initiated by King Frederik V. The architect behind these mansions was Nicolai Egtved, and till this date Amalienborg still stands as one of the finest rococo architectures in Europe. Løvenskiold’s mansion was a few years later bought by Anna Sophia Schack, hence this mansion’s name is named after her.

When the royal family’s residence, Christiansborg Slot, burned in 1794, they bought Moltke’s and Schack’s mansions. Later, the 2 other mansions too were bought by the royal family.

The name Amalienborg is from the danish queen Sophie Amalie, who back in 1667-1673 buit the castle Sophie Amalienborg. It was a small castle, but was burnt 16 years later. Rest is history, and I’m not going to write about it… 😉 I think Amalienborg is worth a visit, and you can see the beautiful Marmorkirken from here. On the other side, you find the beautiful, but small Amaliehaven and the harbour.

From here, we went to Konges Have. Or, we walked. It is Denmark’s oldest royal garden, now open for the public. It is from the 17th century, and here you also find Rosenbrog Slot, that was a castle built in the same century. Today it is a museum.

Hereafter we went to explore the streets close to our hotel, and we found my favoritue chocolatier – Peter Beier, the one at Store Kongensgade. Here, you can buy exclusive chocolates, get a cup of coffee, tea, chocolate or ice cream – or afternoon tea ceremony. We didn’t try the ceremony, but went for ice cream and hot chocolate.

Here, my hot chocolate with a scoop of delicios vanilla ice cream. Heaven 🙂

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