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Ever seen Rubjerg Knude during downpour? – Another trip to Northern Jylland

Again, later in july this year, my bestie and I went for a road trip to Rubjerg Knude, Hjørring and Aalborg. We were not really sure about whether to go to Rubjerg Knude or not, as it was going to rain, but we somehow did – because, I badly wanted to see this place once again, especially during rain, and I wanted my bestie to see it too.

We started with a dinner at Brasserie Mathisen in Randers. Indeed delicious. Really. Never thought you could get that much good food in Randers, actually, but here you can 😉 I’ve also got Det Glade Vanvid on the list, hopefully going there soon.

Well, at Brasserie Mathisen, we got some chips of root veggies, and my main course was a baked cauliflower, with peanuts, sesame, parmesan and some veggies, alongside a mayo sauce with parsley oil. Yumm.

The dessert was profiteroles 😉

The next day, we drove to Blokhus, where we got a very good lunch at Salino, an Italian restaurant. The food is indeed very good! I got a tortellini in a creamy tomato sauce, and they made it vegetarian for me 😉

Then we went to the Blokhus beach and enjoyed the fresh air.

Hereafter, we went to Rubjerg Knude. As we got closer, the weather became worse, and when we finally arrived and walked towards the lighthouse, it started to downpour. Really.

And we still walked towards the lighthouse. But as it kept raining heavily, we went inside the lighthouse, and first waited with other tourists, before we decided to go to the top of the lighthouse, to at least enjoy the view.

I tell you, even in downpour, Rubjerg Knude is indeed mesmerizing. This place remains beautiful in any kind of weather, it seems!

After some moments in heavy rain and wet clothes, we went to Hjørring, where we stayed at Hotel Phoenix (again, my bestie just had to follow me, hehe), before heading towards Aalborg the following day. We got sushi at Yummi Sushi in Hjørring for dinner.

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