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Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

After a pitstop with a good sleep in Hjørring, my friend and I went for breakfast (of course ;)) at Højene Bageren at Frederikshavnsvej in Hjørring. We both a got delicious, refreshing breakfast menu, with freshly baked bread (actually rundstykke), pastry and coffe (or tea).

Hereafter, we headed towars Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse – the most awaited place, we were excited about to see!

Rubjerg Knude is one of the most visited, most beautiful spots in Denmark, if you ask me. It if definitely my favourite spot in Denmark! Rubjerg Knude is found at the nothern edge of the Vesterhavet or North Sea, and the lighthouse that stands here, was built back in 1900, and as lit for the last time in 1968, due to the growing sand dune and the harsh nature here.

When you arrive to the parking area, you have to walk from here, for about 1 km, before you reach the lighthouse.

Today, the lighthouse only stands as a landmark from the past, surrounded by splendid nature, and the sound of the North Sea. Eve though, the lighthouse was moved 70 m further inland, due to the nature, that keeps shaping the surrondings, causing severe damage to the lighthouse, if it wasn’t moved. They did it back in 2019, and expected to be safe for the next 20-40 years, as per the calculations so far. It is 23 m high, and you can go inside, and see the sea from the top. We didn’t go inside, as we decided to do something more ridiculous – to walk down the sand dunes from the top to the beach. It tooks us some time to discover a proper, according to us – a safe – way down the dunes, and finally made it. As we reached the beach, an elderly couple walked by and told us not to do that again – because it’s completely unsafe and we could’ve died! OMG!! So please, don’t do this 😉

Okay – we somehow managed, and decided to walk along the beach. The couple we met, told us about a stairway that could lead us back to the top, but we had to walk for an hour from where we started. So we did.

After an hour or 8 km of walk, we finally found a stairway, and managed to walk another 8 km back to the lighthouse, through the dunes. My god.. What an experience. It was like an achievement for us 😉

When we fianlly managed to reach back, we were too exhausted to go inside the lighthouse, so we decided to go back to my friend’s car, rested for some minutes, and went to Blokhus, where we got a lunch at Kunstcafeen, and went to Blokhus beach. And then we went back home 😉

The lunch was only average. So we later went for some ice cream. It was indeed a wonderful road trip, and we saw some places, we didn’t expect to be that beautiful! I guess Rubjerg Knude has become one of my favourite spots in Denmark.

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