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Råbjerg Mile & Hjørring

After a day-long trip to the Palm Beach, Skagen and Grenen, we went to Råbjerg Mile. Yes, really we did.

Råbjerg Mile, the (mini) desert-like place of Denmark. It is actually a migrating set of sand dunes, that keeps moving about 15 metres per year, towards Kattegat. It is the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. It has a space of about 1000 m long and 1000 m wide dune of sand, where the highest point is approx. 40 m above sea level. I think this place is mesmerizing, and definitely a must-visit!

The first time I visited Råbjerg Mile was in july 2019, and the place was actually quite crowded at that time. This time, as we went in june, the place was more quiet and peaceful, and we could even listen to several birds, that I’ve never listened to before!

That day, we got to walk 12,5 km! So yeah, after all this we were so exhausted, and hungry too. We headed towards Hjørring, but even though we were tired, we wanted to visit the Eagle World, on our way to Hjørring. Unfortunately Eagle World was closed, so I hope to visit this place another day. Maybe next summer 😉

Hjørring was our “pit stop”, so we checked in at Phoenix Hotel in Hjørring, and went for dinner. I thought Hjørring is a small, boring town, but it’s actually a beautiful, cosy town.

Hotel Phoenix is a 3-star hotel, and is fine when you are having a pit stop in Hjørring.

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