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Throwback – Roadtrip – Palm Beach & Skagen and Grenen ;)

Guys, I tell you – Covid-19 made it tough for many of us, and I’m definitely not excluded 😉

After more than 2 years without travels, and 1,5 year without any trips in Denmark too, I must say that I was pretty much tired and badly wanted to do something! So a friend and I decided to go for a roadtrip in Northern Jutland for 2 days. She is actually from Copenhagen, so we took some days off during june, met in Aarhus for some brunch, enjoyed a lovely sunny day in Aarhus around the Marselisborg park and beach, spent some time at the Endless Bridge.

Next day, on early morning, we drove towards Frederikshavn. Here, we first went to the Palm Beach – a palm lined setup at the beach, with 100 of palms. It was a bit cloudy at this time, but the view was still good.

Hereafter, we went to Den Tilsandede Kirke – or Laurentius Church – built in the 13th century, but later, around the 18th century, sand dunes from storms started to cover the main entrance, hence the king back then ordered to dismantle the church, and only the church tower was left as a beacon. People believe, that the sand has covered remains of the church. Today the tower stands as a piece og history in the middle of nowhere – or in a forest, actually.

And.. Guess what – we saw a golden eagle!! I was totally speechless as I saw it fly above the trees! So majestic and huge!!

And then Skagen – one of my favourite towns in Denmark – a very popular holiday town, known for its cozy atmosphere, herring industry, and the beautiful yellow houses. I just love being here, and I always feel so comfortable. Skagen is also a great place for hiking.

First, a lunch at Knuth’s Cafe in Skagen. They offer vegetarian and vegan options too, so I went for the vegan burger. Such a lovely lunch, I got. So tasty and much needed!!

Hereafter we went for a walk down the streets, and visited Bolcheriet – a candy shop, where the candies are freshly made and sold.

Then, we decided to visit the Skagen’s Museum, where you can see paitings painted by the famous Skagen artists, Krøyer family, Ancher Family, Tuxen, Drachmann, and Krohg. I love, especially the Krøyer’s 😉

After this lovely visit, we went to the Grenen – of course 😉

Another lovely place, and this was the second time, I went to Grenen (and Skagen). Grenen has a spectacular view because it’s a point, where the 2 seas Skagerrak and Kattegat meats. I guess we were pretty much lucky, as both Skagen and Grenen weren’t crowded. We almost had the whole Grenen for ourselves for about 20-25 min. It was so good, as we could enjoy the tip and the beach in peace. And by the way – you can’t swim here, as the current is too strong. But for sure, you can walk around and paddle 😉🌊

And a cake at the restaurant De 2 Have, at Grenen, before heading towards Råbjerg Mile. Stay tuned 😉

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