Guru – Indian Restaurant & La Glace in Copenhagen

Last friday I went to Copenhagen to spend some time with one of my friends, who invited me to see Adam & Noah live, a stand-up comedy show. Why not? – I LOVE comedy 😉

We started with a lunch at Guru, and Indian restaurant located nearby Vesterport. We enjoyed the food so much! I went for some garlic naan, some rice along with their signature vegetarian gravy, Guru Veg. It had eggplants, bell peppers and potatoes in a spiced masala. Their garlic naan were so good too! I loved the food. We both had a Desi Mule wich has saffron infused gin, ginger beer and some more (that I can’t remember), first time trying it and it was perfect along with the food 🙂

Hereafter we went for some shopping, before going to the La Glace. La Glace is a very popular bakery in Copenhagen. I watched a TV programme about La Glace recently, and wanted to go check out the hype. We actually tried to get there right after our lunch, but there was a huge queue at 3-4 pm, so we came back later at 5 pm and got a table immediately!

I tried their “Spring Cake”, that has raspberry and chocolate mousse, along with hot chocolate. It was delicious, but I think La Glace is overrated and too expensive for what you actually get!

Right after the cake we went to see Adam & Noah live at Bremen Theatre 😉 It was a pleasant day, and my dear friend A is one of the best 🙂 ❤

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