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Batu Caves, KL, Malaysia

Sunday in Malaysia was dedicated to Lord Murugan and the Batu Caves Temple.

The main entrance

This is the temple located at the ground. You visit/worship here first, before entering the cave temple. I did a archanai here and got some temple bands here for my family.

Taking the 272 steps 🙂

While taking the steps you’ll see sculptures referring to puranas here and there. Actually amazed 😉

The cave temple

Entering the main shrine inside the cave

Beware of monkeys! They steal food items, so I didn’t take any food items with me. Not even a coconut or offering plate 😉

I also got the opportunity to experience the cave temple pooja. I was amazed by the fact, that they actually do poojas in tamil. I loved it, and hope this is going to spread to temples all over the world – as long as they are tamil temples 😉

This was on my bucket list, partly for my religious belief and partly for the amazing place. Lord Murugan has become the God that’s very close to me. It’s something that has come to me in the past few years, based on what I’ve been thorugh. We all (probably) know, that Lord Murugan is known as the Tamil God, and the God of beauty, and most importantly known as the God of war. But what you may not know is that he is the God of yoga and religion too, and gives us willpower too.  He is known as Swaminathan, meaning the God of Shiva (Nathan referring to Parvathi’s man), because he teached Lord Shiva himself about the meaning of “OM”.

Gurudeva once said: “Pray to Lord Murugan to unravel the great mysteries of the universe. Pray to Lord Murugan to make you a spiritual person. Pray to Lord Murugan to release you into the arms of Lord Siva by teaching you more about your Saivite religion.”

For me, he completes what I see in religion and all that. Though being a feminist, I worship lord Murugan. I feel a strange connection, so it was such a wonderful feeling and blessing to enter the temple of Batu Caves. I feel really blessed.

Batu Caves is referred as the 10th hill of Murugan, as there are 6 in Tamil Nadu (Arupadai Veedu) and 3 other in Malaysia.
The temple of Batu Caves was completed in 1891, but the main statue/deity was already installed in 1890, by K. Thamboosamy Pillai. The main deity is located inside the cave, and you reach it by the 272 steps.
The big statue in front of the hill was installed in 2006, and is actually the tallest statue of Murugan in the World.

Another pilgrimage done ✔️

What I really loved about this temple:
• The big statue of Murugan
• The 272 steps
• The cave
• Poojais (prayers) are done in tamil (at least those I saw)

After climbing the steps and prayers, we got some yummy Jaffna mangoes from a Sri Lankan tamil man, and a coconut. There were even jack fruits, but I didn’t buy any. I felt sorry for the status of tamil people in Malaysia, while talking with him. I hope the best for them.

Arohara! _/\_


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