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Suria KLCC & The Petronas Twin Towers

The second day in Kuala Lumpur was spent in Suria KLCC.

We’d decided, that we didn’t to go inside the Twin Towers Bridge nor the towers, but only get an outside view. Hereafter we went for dining and shopping in Suria KLCC.

Suria KLCC is a very big shopping mall in KL, and it has everything, you need. It was kinda impressive, as I didn’t expect it to be that big and have all those shops. I only thought of it being something like The Shoppes at MBS, and only having all those luxury brands. But in Suria KLCC there’s something for everyone 😉

Suria KLCC is divided in 3 sections; the Ampang Mall, Park Mall and Ramlee Mall. There are not only shops, but also several restaurants and cafés, salons and a few barber shops too. You can easily spend a whole day here. Haha.

Lunch at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant. I got a veg yaki udon, and it was soooooo freaking tasty! It just had the perfect flavours in it!

After hours of shopping, it’s time for some yuzu ice tea and the best chocolate crepes cake at Nadeje. We went for a slice of the Premium Black Forest crepes cake. OMG. I loved it! That cake was awesome. I could eat tonnes of it!

After some more shopping, we went for a very bad dinner at Dotty’s. I got an Aglio e Olio. The food was tasteless and dry. Very disappointing.. But my chocolate cake was good 🤩

Just some night clicks of the towers before returning to our hotel 😉

Note: If you are planning a visit to KL, and want to go to the Suria KLCC (and/or the Twin Towers), be aware of queue and traffic. Are you taking a Grab, use the entrance of Ampang Mall.

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