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Little India, Singapore

The 4th day was mostly spent on shopping in Little India, and we were happy about this decision. I was curious to visit Little India again after 20 years, and I was a bit shocked to see how much it has changed. I remebered Little India as a nice and neat place, but this is not the reality anymore! The small streets with small shops reminds pretty much of the terrible streets of India, unfortunately. But you have to experience it 😉

We started the day with breakfast at Kith Cafe, nearby our hotel at Bencoolen St., and then took the MRT from Bencoolen to Jalan Besar, and from here we walked through Veerasamy Rd. to Serangoon Rd. It was funny how I still remember the route, though I was only 10 years old back then 😛

Even Sri Veeramakalai Amman look different today, because I remember it as a temple standing in the “free”, but today everything is crowded there.

I felt like I HAD to go to the Mustafa Centre, and also this looks different today. And Mustafa Centre has become even bigger and is so messy. And the street is definitely not like what it was before, sadly.

But I got what I wanted, and we even bought this water spray to overcome the heat. Haha. I usually buy such sprays in Denmark too, when it’s too hot 😛

Then we went to A B Mohamed Restaurant, that is a South Indian vegetarian restaurant. I went for a South Indian meal, and I loved it. I always love “soru & curry”. Haha.

We were so exhausted that day, but we bought several things though we had to walk in the heat. I even bought some jewelry, because I wanted to. You know, Singapore gold is of high quality, and there is nothing below 22 carat! 😉

When we came back home, we really had to take a bath and relax. Hereafter, we went for dinner at Udon Komadori, a Japanese restaurant at Bencoolen St., where I went for a Yaki Udon – Japanese veg udon. It was lovely, and very different in taste.

~ AJ

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