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ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Okay.. So yeah, right after our very yummy mocktail at TWG Tea Garden at MBS we went to the ArtSciene Museum, which was also a birthday gift form my bestie. It was actually a place I really wanted to visit, because the building itself and the exhibitions are so unique. So I was super duper happy! 😉

The museum is located at the Marina Bay, so next to the MBS. It was opened in 2011, and its gallery has 3 permanent galleries that express Curiosity, Inspiration and Expression. Moreover touring exhibitions are being hosted too.

The architectture of the building reminices a lotus flower, and it is surrounded by an area with beautiful water lillies. This is, by the way, the Worlds’ first ArtScience museum too. If you are Singapore, this is a MUST visit place! 🙂

I have some pictures from our visit here.

Below are some pictures from “the Future World: Where Art Meets Science” exhibition is a permanent exhibition, that is created with a collab with teamLab, but the installation will change over time. It has installations where you can discover the following key narratives:

Nature, Town, Sanctuary, Park and Space. Very interesting and beautiful. Many kids loved it too 🙂

Here is a small video of the Nature gallery:

The Town gallery was very interesting. Here, some of the installations are actual games, that you can play. Funny, though.

The following picture is from the Sanctuary.

And here we have the Park theme, where “play” is a part of the theme. Balls, cubes with lights that everyone loved  and played with 😉

The most awaited part for me was th Space gallery. So so sooooo beautiful! Here you go 🙂

Hereafter we went back to the Shoppes to check out the last part of the Future World – Digital Canvas. A playful, but beautiful exhibition, where beautiful flowers blossom under you and shoals of fish gather beneath you, but “swim” away as soon as you walk towards them 🙂

Hereafter, we went outside for a walk 🙂

The Helix Bridge 🙂

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