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Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

The second day in Singapore was my treat, because I wanted to give something good and beautiful 😉

So the 13th of April was almost fully spent at the Gardens by the Bay. Since the very first time I heard about this place I’ve wanted to visit it and to see all the beautiful things there – The Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and the Gardens. There are some other attractions too, that we didn’t see.

Starting the day with a french toast and ice Milo from Toast Box at Manulife Centre, Bencoolen St. This was so yummy 😃

And then another ice Milo at Wilkie Edge before getting a manicure! 😋

I had booked a table for afternoon tea at Pollen, at the terrace. It was a pleasant experience, dining there with the sun and MBS above.

Dining at Pollen gives you free admission to the Flower Dome, and you are picked up at the main entrance to the Gardens and get a small ride to the Dome.

We enjoyed the tea and the meals very much, especially these lotus root chips. I’ve only tried lotus root curry and stir fries, but these chips were amazing!

I went for a Bavarian Mint tea, while my bestie went for the Wild Berries ☺️

Sightseeing in the Flower Dome.

Visiting the Cloud Forest. This was actually one of the places I really wanted to see. It is beautiful, indeed, but I actually expected something more 🤔🤔

Quick dinner at Majestetic Bay Seafood Restaurant, located at the Flower Dome. We went for a veg fried rice, that was not so tasty 😖 It’s not even worth sharing a picture of the meal, but the king coconut was very good 😄

The Garden and the Supertrees by night. We got to see the Light Show at 8.30 PM.

Gardens by the Bay is actually an independent oraganisation, led by a team of professional people, who is also involved in the greening of Singapore. Gardens by the Bay was opened in 2012, and covers an area of 101 hectares, that is adjacent to the Marina. The biggest of the gardens is the Bay South, with it’s 54 hectares, and has the iconic Supertrees, the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. And did you know, that the Flower Dome is also the largest greenhouse in the World? 😉

The other garden, Bay East, is a public garden. It has a series of large tropical leaf-shaped gardens, and each has its own specific design, character and theme. The garden provides the visitors a beautiful view of the city skyline.

The Bay Central Garden is going to be the one acting as a link between Bay South and Bay East gardens, and is still the process..

Finishing the day with a Milo 🤩

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