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Singapore, Day 1

Finally back on track after some months away from blogging, and I have only posted some blogs about music, I wanted to share with you guys. Now I am going to write about my Easter holiday, where I went to Singapore and Malaysia 🇸🇬🇲🇾

I was super excited for this holiday, as I last visited Singapore in 1998, when I was 10 years old. I remember how much I loved Singapore, and I quickly created a kind of childhood thing about Singapore – it was a dream place, and I was curious to know whether this will be spoiled or not 😄

We went for a 2 week-holiday on the occasion of Easter and my birthday. I guess this is the first time after many years that I really wanted to do something for myself and for my birthday! You know, some incidents in life and time change you so much, and I started to realize that I need to do something more for myself. I’ve always put others before me, and I still do, but now I don’t forget myself 😉

So yeah.. We travelled to Singapore at first on the 11th of April. From CPH Airport it took 17 hours, including a 2 hour transit in Dubai. We chose Emirates for this travel, and came back home with Qatar Airways. And guess what? I still love Emirates the most 🤩

We arrived at Changi Airport in Singapore about 3:30 PM, the following day and reached the hotel by 5 PM (No, I didn’t see the Jewel, it was opened on the 17th of April). We stayed at 30 Bencoolen, at Bencoolen Street. I think this was a very good choice. 30 Bencoolen is a 4 Star hotel. Very neat and cozy, indeed.

It is only a few steps away from the Bencoolen MRT station, and it is located among many pleasant restaurants and cafés, and there are both a “Hindu” temple and a Buddhist temple nearby, at Waterloo Street.

We were sooooo much exhausted, so we went for a bath at first and then started to search for a place with vegetarian food. What we realized during our stay is, that most restaurants in Singapore offer vegetarian options – except the Chinese ones! But that doesn’t bother me, because Chinese food is not my cup of tea. But I love Thai, Japanese and Malay cuisine – and Indian and Tamil food, of course 🤣

We found an Indian veg restaurant at Middle Road, Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant, only 3-400 m away from the hotel. They serve many South Indian, a few North Indian and Malay food items, very cheap and with a fast serving.

I got my favourite food – Thosai; here a crispy masala thosai! 🥰

The place is very small, located in a smaller “centre” with other small restaurants. They are not so much service minded, but the food is okay.

That was all we went for, and we were pretty much excited for the holiday. I really loved walking around on Bencoolen St. There are many artistic relaxing spots (I guess they are designed by the students from NAFA, that is located on the same street), there are always people chatting and laughing. And Singaporeans are so kind, as always. They know how to work and how to be kind to others. I love them 🙂

~ Jiny

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