Vegetarian Dining in Denmark,  Vegetarian in Aarhus

Vegetarian in Aarhus: Aarhus Central Food Market

When it comes to vegetarian dining and coziness in general, there are many options in a town like Aarhus. Also places like Aarhus Street Food is popular, which I’ve mentioned in an earlier post. Aarhus Street Food is not really my cup of tea, but then there is Aarhus Central Food Market, that is much nicer place with better and tastier options!

Aarhus Central Food Market is located at Sankt Knuds Torv in Aarhus, only 150 m away from Aarhus Central Station. Compared to Aarhus Street Food, ACFM looks a bit smaller, but it is a very cozy place to get some lovely food. There are several food stalls to be find, that offer different culinary food from different countries, and of course danish specialities are to be find too.

I have been there many times, not only to spend some time with my friends, but also when I’ve been in a hurry and needed something on the go or as a take away. Here are some pictures from different visits 😉

Pomodoro is definitely my most favourite food stall here. Here, you can get a number of Italian meals, and there are 3 vegetarian meals. I’ve tried 2 of them – no. 2 6, and they are just so lovely! My favourite is no. 2 though – Pasta al Pesto e Pomodoro.

The Pasta Arrabiata Picanté, also a lovely meal 😉

My second favourite stall is Letz Sushi. They offer a very good vegetarian menu, I’ve tried twice.

Are you looking for something sweet, there is the stall Vanilla, that sells cakes and chocolates. Otherwise many of the other stalls also offer desserts.

Here, we once tried some cakes and chocolated from Vanilla.

I’ve once tried the raw cake from Ren & Stærk – it’s a raw avocado cake. The best I’ve tasted so far!


One of my favourite places to get the best waffles was Liège, BUT.. They’ve closed 🙁 But I still want to share a picture of my fave waffle..

Compared to Aarhus Street Food, ACFM is much better, according to me. Some stalls are closed, but new has come (which I haven’t tried yet). ACFM is definitely worth a visit – and you’ll go there again and again, for sure 😉

~ AJ

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