Raw Avacado Cocoa Ganache Cake

While I went to Aarhus Central Food Market, and recently tried the raw avacado cake from Ren & Stærk, I wanted to make something similar. I searched for recipes on raw cakes, and found a recipe on a ganache cake, that seemed easy. I just made some changes, because it was an instant move, and I didn’t prepare anything. Haha. So here is my version, and this one is vegan too 😉

I made the cake in a hurry and served it about 1 hour later, so it didn’t look that much beautiful, but was delicious! It serves for about 8 pieces.

The base on the original one, I’ve linked to, is made of dates, nuts and Himalayan salt. Unfortunately I didn’t have Himalayan salt and dates, so I created a base out of the ingredients I had, so here it goes 😉


The Base:

100 g vegan margarine

200 g Digestive biscuits, crushed

The Raw Cocoa Ganache:

3 medium sized, ripe avocados

40 g raw cocoa powder (The one linked uses 70 g, which I think is too much)

50 g coconut oil

100 g cane sugar

2 vanilla beans (I like it more flavoured)



The Base:

In a food processor, blend the crushed digestive biscuits with the margarine, until you get a smooth dough. Press the dough in the bottom of a pie dish, and place it in the freezer while making the ganache.

The Ganache:

Transfer all the ingredients for the ganache in a food processor, and blend it all together into a smooth texture. Pour the ganache over the base in the pie dish. Place the dish in the freezer for an hour before serving the cake.

Note: If you like, you can add more grams of cocoa powder. I only used 40 g of it, so it doesn’t taste bitter.

The recipe I’ve based mine on is here.

~ AJ


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