Paris, France

Getting Around in Paris

Walk and enjoy the atmosphere

Paris is a very big city of 105 km2 and 2.206.488 people, and there’s a lot of places to see here. Getting around in Paris from A to B can be difficult because of its area. We mostly went from a place to another with the metro, and by walking. I must say that Paris is one of those walking cities and you get a lot of beautiful experiences by walking around the streets. This gives you some moments that you’ll not get when travelling around by metro, taxi or something like that.

Paris has many charming architecture that you’ll not miss when you walk around. Nowadays it’s so easy as you can use your Google Maps app to find places, routes and experience the atmosphere of Paris. It’s much easier and more safety with Google Maps than using a paper map – you cannot get lost 😉 The only con is that you’ll get pretty much tired, so make sure to take some rest here and there. Luckily there are many spots where you can sit and enjoy the streets.

Taking the metro

Taking the metro can be a mess and be a bit annoying, because of the many thieves. However, taking the metro is the easiest and a cheap way to get from A to B, once you find out the system 😉 A full fare only costs 1,90€. You just have to be careful with your handbag, pockets etc.  Nevertheless, be prepared for crowds and stinky metros, the metros of Paris are definitely not “clean”. I just recommend you not to go by the metros on nights, because there are too many thieves.

Getting around with taxi/Uber

We went for Uber once – when we were going back to the hotel after the Anirudh concert, because it was too late and we therefore didn’t want to go back by metro (because of too many thieves). At such moment, Uber is great and super easy, but not that cheap – but cheaper than a normal taxi in Paris. Going with taxi is not easy – you’ll find taxis at many places in Paris, but you cannot be sure about whether it’s ready to go or not. We tried twice to catch a taxi and eventually went to ask several drivers, but without luck!! Are you planning to go by taxi, then book in advance, just as you’ll book an Uber.

Taking the bus

While going on the guided tour we took the bus from the Eiffel Tower to Musée du Louvre, right after the cruise on River Seine. I didn’t find it comfortable at all, because it was too crowded and we had to stand up. The bus driver was driving like a crazy by the way, and going with a bus is not safe (metro is safer, I’d say).

~ AJ

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