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Going Italian in Aarhus: Restaurant Grappa

One of my favorite Italian restaurants in Aarhus is Restaurant Grappa. Grappa is a very Italian restaurant with charming Italian food, located at the Aarhus stream in the city – Åboulevarden 60. The food is the modern versions of traditional Italian food. It is not a typical Italian restaurant, but still super charming and with amazing food.

The restaurant is such a cozy place, there is space for outdoor dining too. I like the service and the food very much here, and I’ve been here 3 times and have tried 3 different meals. Though, I only have pictures from the first 2 visits.

You always get a small basket of tasty bread along with the best olive oil, and a pecorino romano to warm up 😉 [Just keep in your thoughts that pecorino is not vegetarian!]

The first time I went for the raviolis with ricotta and spinach, which a colleague of mine recommended me to try. It was so good. OMG. (I know the pictures are not that good, but the food was soooooo good).

The dessert – Torta al Cioccolato, chocolate cake with liquid chocolate inside and vanilla ice cream.

The 2nd time – Raviolis with ricotta and mushrooms (this is no more on the menu). I liked the raviolis, but not the mushrooms, as I don’t like mushrooms.

The same dessert once again 😉

The 3rd time I went for a Pizza Verdure. It was delicious as well.

Grappa is definitely one of the Italian resturants I’ll recommend, and I’m looking forward for my next visit 😉

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