Vegetarian Dining in Denmark,  Vegetarian in Aarhus

Vegetarian in Aarhus: Aarhus Street Food – I’m just as honest as always ;)

Aarhus Street Food, located at Ny Banegårdsgade 46, near the bus station in Aarhus, is actually a garage made into a place with several stalls selling street food from around the world. You find stalls with Danish rye bread menus, afro-carribean food, Vietnamese food, French crepes and much more. I’ve seen several vegetarian/vegan bloggers been praising this place, but I’m not very much surprised with the vegetarian/vegan selection, as there’re mostly French fries, salads and stuff like that, and a few stall offering 1 or 2 vegetarian/vegan items, which is not really good (in taste). I try to be very frank – therefore writing down this. If you are very hungry and need a cozy place, where you can sit down and eat/enjoy your food, then don’t go for the Street Food. Aarhus Street Food is a mess of a place, not cozy at all and the food is not that good compared to the price!!

If I REALLY have to pick a place, that I can recommend, I really can’t. I’ve tried some stalls for now, and have gone for Tatashe twice. Their vegetarian platter is good. The plantain paté is really good! This is the only meal that I have some pictures of, as I didn’t take any pictures of the food from the other stall, I’ve tried.

La Rossa is a pizza stall, where you can get several varieties of pizza slices, and there are some vegetarian options to be find. Not bad. You select the slices you want, which get heated before serving.

The Mexican Donkey has a vegetarian burrito, that is good. I liked this burrito, but not any “wow” feeling, to be honest. It’s a cold burrito, by the way.

I’ve been to the Indian stall twice to get thei only vegetarian/vegan meal, but I couldn’t as it was either sold out or they just “didn’t” make it that day (seriously?!).

I know that the Vietnamese stall Bahn Mi Bandits is very popular, but I haven’t tried this, as I’m not into sandwiches.

Are you in a hurry, and need something, go for Aarhus Street Food. Are you very hungry, have plenty of time and need to sit down and enjoy your food, then don’t go for it 😉

~ AJ

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