Vegetarian Dining in Paris: Vapiano – Les 4 Temps, Paris

Are you in Paris it’s definitely easy to find a place to eat – as long as you do some research. Are you in La Défense, it’s much easier, as you can go to Les 4 Temps, that is the largest shopping mall in Europe, and has a plenty of dining opportunies.

After spendig some hours in La Chapelle, we wanted to take some rest, but were so hungry. As our hotel was in La Défense, it was easy for us to find a place to eat. I was not sure about what is offered in Les 4 Temps, but a google research helped me 😉

Les 4 Temps has 2 Vapiano restaurants, one in level 2 and another one in level 3. Vaipano is a gigantic restaurant chain, and has several restaurants in not only Paris, but also in Berlin, Vilnius, New York and much more. Vaipano recently opened some in Copenhagen too.

Vapiano is an Italian restaurant, where you can get pizzas, pastas, lasagne, risotto and salads. The way of ordering food and eat it is very easy, and there’s much space to enjoy your food.

I went for a vegetarian pizza with rucola, and it was so lovely! 😉

~ AJ

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