Vegetarian in Odense

Vegetarian Burger in Odense: Burger Anarchy

I’ve tried several burger restaurants, and there are several in Odense, whilst Burger Anarchy is my favourite (in Odense). Burger Anarchy is a small place, and there are not comfortable chairs and tables, but does that matter when their burger is this much yummy?

Their vegetarian version of Nacho Libre Burger is so so so so so good. Especially the avocado fritters in the burger is so good. Go for this one with some fries with chili and cheese. The vegetarian “beef” is made of chickpeas, black beans, figs, mushrooms and schallot. It sounds weird, but it’s a very juicy and tasty one.

You can find Burger Anarchy at Gravene 2 and in Storms Pakhus. I’ve visited the one at Gravene 2.

~ AJ

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