Framboise Restaurant de Crêpes – Paris

As mentioned in the previous post, Carrousel du Louvre is an awesome place for shopping, and indeed a very beautiful shopping mall. Despite having a food court with several restaurants, it is impossible to get a table, where you can sit and enjoy your food. We therefore didn’t eat here, and instead went outside Musée du Louvre and found a place to eat. The place around Louvre is very busy and very crowded. There are people everywhere, each restaurant is full of people, so it is a bit tough to find a place to eat, if you don’t do a research in advance. So beware!!

We went down to Rue de l’Échelle – it is only 300 m away from Louvre, and as my research on Google Maps showed a lot of eating options in this area, we there went to this street and found a very comfortable place – Crêperie Framboise.

We actually thought it was a restaurant that only sell French crêpes, but you can get South Indian dosas too! It seemed like it is owned by some South Indian people, but not sure. I went for a veggie dosa, and the food was good! 😉

Note: Dosas are vegan, and this course is vegan too! 😉

~ AJ

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