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Buying Macarons in Paris – My choices

Macarons are very popular nowadays, but of course they are best in their own country, France 😉

I’ve tried several macarons during my stay in Paris, but not all of them where equally good.

The best I’ve tried are those served at our hotel Sofitel La Défense, but I don’t know where they are from. Apart from those, macarons from Maison du Chocolat are something really special. You can buy their popular macarons with chocolate ganache – these are so yummy!

I bought the ganache macarons with milk chocolate, raspberry, pistachio and vanilla. I really loved them!

Moreover, I bought the Wellness chocolate box – omg! <3

It is box of 92 g, and are created with the nutritionist Nicholas Cloiseau, and have these 5 different tastes:

  • Mango + turmeric
  • Green Apple + Aloe Vera
  • Praline with Squash Seeds
  • Propolis Peach
  • Pomegranate

My next choice of macarons are those from Leonidas. Leonidas is another popular chocolatery that also sells macarons. These macarons are another different experience, as there are some with fruits (jam I guess) too. They are so good too. I bought some with pistachio + chocolate, raspberry + orange, coffee and some with vanilla. I like the raspberry + orange combination very much 😉

Are you going to buy macarons, it is very easy to find your favourite store, and they all offer different sizes of boxes, where you can mix macarons by choice, and number of macarons. This makes everything so easy.

~ AJ

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