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Vegetarian in Aarhus: Restaurant Mellemrum

Aarhus is one of my favourite towns in Denmark, next to Aalborg. While Aalborg is the cozy town and is the most perfect town according to me, Aarhus is the next perfect town – but with the perfect localization – geographically 🙃

Aarhus has everything, and that’s why I love it. After completing my degrees in Odense, I immediately got a job in Aarhus, and therefore had to move. In the beginning, it all seemed like a busy hell, but as time passed, I became very happy with Aarhus. Aarhus is definitely the place I want to live in – if not Aalborg was located here 😛

Aarhus is very popular for its café culture, but there are many amazing restaurants too. I have some “fave” restaurants, where Restaurant Mellemrum is one of them, besides Martino. It is said to have the best vegetarian menu in Aarhus, but I think there are some other places to overtake – for example Mikuna, that is a vegan restaurant/take away; but I haven’t visited Mikuna yet.

Restaurant Mellemrum is a gourmet restaurant, but still informal and cozy, which is the reason that many people really love this place. Restaurant Mellemrum has a changing menu by season, and they have a separate vegetarian menu too – this was something I found out during googling, so my bestie and I went there for dinner one day. We didn’t regret this at all – the food was so delicious!

The place is very nice by the way, with a lot of space for you. As it is one of the popular restaurants in Aarhus, it is highly recommendable to book a table before arriving.

It has been some time since I went there, but I’ve wanted to make a post about Mellemrum for so long, because it is such a lovely place and with lovely food.

Here is the vegetarian main course I got (it has now changed because of their seasonal menu concept) – Polenta “beef” with veggies, chantarelles and carrot sauce. I. Really. Loved. It.

The dessert:

I got a Brunsviger (in Aarhus style, as the staff said) with vanilla ice cream and sour apple sauce. Brunsviger is a Danish cake, originally from Fyn/Funen. The base is a yeast dough, the topping is a combination of butter and brown sugar. Today there are many regional versions to be find, and the one served in Restaurant Mellemrum is the Aarhusian version – it’s made as a roll.

My bestie got a chocolate cake with raspberry sorbet.

Both the desserts where DELICIOUS.

~ AJ

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