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Vegetarian Sushi in Odense: Bluefin, Odense

When I moved to Odense in 2008 for my higher studies, it was very tough to find a place to get some vegetarian food. I struggled very much, and as I hated to cook at that time, I started to lose weight. Seriously.. But that wasn’t a serious issue 😉 I remeber, that people often said that Copenhagen and Aarhus were better places for vegetarians. As Odense has never been a town I “admire”, I didn’t do much of learning the town nor get friends there. It was mostly during the last years of my studies, that I got some tamil friends in Odense, started to go more out etc. It was also in the recent years that many restaurants started to do something for vegetarians, and vegetarian/vegan places started running. There are several places in Odense I know love to visit, and I’ll be posting some posts about those places, starting with the Bluefin today 😀

Bluefin Restaurant is a sushi restaurant located in Odense, on Klaregade 7. Last year, in 2017, it was ranked as the 3rd best sushi restaurant in Odense, right after Goma and Umashi. I haven’t tried these 2, but I like the vegetarian sushi in Bluefin very much. I have been there twice, where the staff and service during my first visit were appreciable and I got exactly what I wanted – vegetarian sushi 🍱🌱

The place is very nice. Located in the town of Odense, the restaurant is quite busy, but still pleasant. Very neat, beautifully decorated in a neat style and with a very cozy atmosphere.

The 2nd visit was a not so good, as the staff didn’t understand that I wanted vegetarian only, but they served caviar as well – which made me a bit irritated, because everyone knows that caviar isn’t accepted for vegetarians/vegans, and even though I got a new plate the smell of fish still was there, and I couldn’t eat it. It was a very strange feeling, and I hope they’ve made it far better now. Since my 2nd visit I’ve avoided to eat there for some time now, and went for another place.

Somehow, besides all that I still want to make a post about Bluefin, because I feel they should have another chance too 😉 And as it is ranked as the 3rd best sushi place in Odense, I guess it’s no joke 😉

Thinking back to the 1st visit, their vegetarian menu was amazing. It is a mix of:

6 pieces of Uramakis – Green Rush (Avocado, Salad, Apple, Cashew, Yuzu, Goma Dressing)

6 pieces of Rice Rolls – Veggie (Salad, Avocado, Bell Pepper, Mango and Yuzu Dressing)

1 Tofu Nigiri

1 Avocado Nigiri

I really enjoyed this menu, and I hope to get the same experience and super yummy sushi next time, I visit Bluefin.

The pictures below are from my 2nd  visit..

The 2nd time I went there, I ordered the same menu, but I was disappointed, as mentioned above. Besides that, I want to visit Bluefin again.

~ AJ

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