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Gabriel Restaurant, La Réserve Hotel – Paris

The guided tour that we went on the 3rd day in Paris included visit to teh Eiffel Tower, Cruise on River Seine, visit to Musée du Louvre and Notre Dame Church (that has free entrance). We were very much exhausted, and after walking around for a while in Louvre we were so tired that we decided to skip Notre Dame, and we actually felt we didn’t needed to go inside the church etc. Moreover, we already had seen the church on the cruise. We therefore went back to our hotel after visiting Louvre to rest, and freshen up before our dinner at La Réserve Hotel. 

La Réserve is a 5 star palace-category hotel in Paris, located on avenue Gabriel, close to Champs Elysées with Michelin-starred dining option at the Gabriel Restaurant with the chef Jérôme Banctel. Yes, our dinner was here at the Gabriel Restaurant that has received 2 Michelin stars. The service in the restaurant is great. The food was delicious.

The official “icon” of La Réserve is the elephant. I don’t know why, but it’s cute 😉

Look how beautiful Gabriel Restaurant is! 😀

We went for a 7 course tasting menu, a special vegetarian version for me, which I enjoyed very much. It was interesting to taste flavours in a different way and I really loved it! Here are some clicks, but you may bear in mind that I don’t remember the name of all the courses 😉

We went for mango juice and sparkling water.

The chef’s signature tasting starter, here vegetarianised for me 😉 Interesting, but delicious tiny loves – the green with apple “purée”/cream, another one with hazel and the third with bell pepper <3

And there are salted butter and butter with buckwheat and fresh French bread and the best freshly baked ciabatta bread (I’ve ever tasted) included.

The second course – I seriosly don’t remeber the name, but it was with some kind of muchroom cut in small circle and some kind of cream.

The third course, another course with some other muchroom, celery chips, parsnip cream. I really loved this one.

The fourth course – white asparagus with celery cream. Loved it.

The fifth course – carrot raviolis with carrot sauce. Delicious and so beautiful!!

The sixth course – kale, fresh peas, very soft pease ravioli with peas cream and some crunches.

The last course, the dessert – coffee bean – coffe meringue with vanilla icecream inside and chocolate base. So yummy.

Then the chef gave us a seletion of deleicious chocolates. Sooooo lovely!

We got a small gift too – delicious Madeleine cakes <3

The Gabriel Restaurant is definitely worth a visit. The staff is very kind and the service is great, and the food is just soooooo lovely – go for the vegetarian version, if you ask me 😉

~ AJ

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