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Vegetarian Dining: Restaurant Martino – Aarhus

Restaurant Martino is one of my favourite places in Aarhus. It is an Italian 1st floor restaurant, located at Marselisborg Marina, with the most beautiful view of the marina, if you ask me. There are both indoor and outdoor dining options – and of course, outdoor dining is recommandable when it’s really summer 😉

I have been there twice with my bestie, and I really love their food. They offer some delicious food, there are vegetarian options too, and it tastes so good! There are both pizzas and pastas and apart from that, there are fish, meat and combined menus – there are both Italian and Danish food items to be find here, which makes their menu quite wide, and maybe a bit confusing. Somehow it’s okay, as there’s something to each taste 😉

They have a wide choice of wine, and there are alcohol-free wine too. Besides that there are beers and soft drinks too; again – something for everyone.

The restaurant is driven by the Schultz family that also have 2 other restaurants.

I have some pictures from both my visits. I chose the vegetarian pizza with basil pesto and fresh cherry tomatoes as the main, mostly because I fell in love with this pizza during my 1st visit, and as there was a gap of a year I wanted to taste the same pizza again during the 2nd visit 😉

The 1st visit

Elderflower and the Mozzarella Pizza with mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, pesto, rucola and parmesan cheese. I just ordered my pizza without rucola.

The 2nd visit

The same Mozzarella Pizza, again without rucola but I added chili instead. It was lovely.

This time with a lovely dessert too..

Look at this beautiful view! <3

The good part is that the restaurant is open every day from 10 am to 11 pm, with the kitchen closing at 9.30 pm. The staff is kind, the food is great and the view is splendid. Restaurant Martino is definitely the best restaurant on the Marselisborg Marina, and is worth a visit.

~ AJ

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