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Mayfair Garden Indian Restaurant – Champs Elysées, Paris

For dinner, on the friday in Paris, I had booked a table for dinner at Mayfair Garden at Champs Elysées that is an indian restaurant. According to Tripadvisor Mayfair Garden is the 48th best restaurant and the 2nd best indian restaurant in Paris, so I thought we would have a nice time here. We went there after seeing Arc de Triomphe d’Étoile, as Mayfair Garden is to be found at 26 rue Lauriston in Champs Elysées.

I actually thought it is a very big restaurant and had the expectation of it being an impressive and a sublime place due to its reviews, but it’s not – according to what I’d call a very good restaurant. It is a very small place, there’s not much space and you sit very close to others’ tables. The staff working there doesn’t understand English – except one, the chef I guess. So I felt a bit disappointed and was not so happy with it. I eventually mailed the chef before arriving and he offered a special menu for a fixed price, but we did not get what he has mentioned and we paid more than what he told me.

As per reviews on Tripadvisor we thought the food was special and that they have a kind of rare menu, but not. There are all the “normal stuff” that you find at any other indian restaurants, and it is not “wow” – it is average.

I got a Samosa Chaat as starter and a creamy avial with coconut cream. The funny fact is that the restaurant call this dish a poriyal, which is not! (Poriyal is a stir-fry dish, whilst avial is a thick dish of veggies and coconut, exactly like the one I got here). I got my avial with pulao rice – but this was not a pulao at all. There were some fried onion and coloured rice, and nothing else. Not even spices as what should be in pulao. Lol.

As mentioned before, this is only average indian food – I have tasted better indian dishes.

~ AJ

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