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Travelling with the Emirates

I’ve always loved travelling with the Emirates. Earlier I went with Emirates while travelling to Singapore and India, and I tell you it’s my favourite airlines to travel with, because I feel very comfortable and the service is so good. In addition, of course, when you are going to Dubai, you go with Emirates as well, right 😉 Why do any kind of compromises and choose something else? 😉

Here are some pictures from my on borading to Dubai.

There is always free beverages on board the flights of Emirates, and they have a big selection of juices and soft drinks. I also love the food served on Emirates, and I actually like the fact, that you can get any kind of dietary, including Asian Vegetarian Meal, Hindu Meal, Muslim Meal, Jewish Meal, Vegan Meal and so. I went with the Asian Vegetarian Meal, as I some wanted spicy Indian food.

The food, while travelling to Dubai. Basmati rice with Baingan Bharta and Mung Daal Makhni, spiced chickpeas salad, Carrot Kheer, a bun, some crackers and of course mineral water.

I really loved the food, escpially the curries and the kheer. I’ve never tasted kheer before, so it was a nice experience, though it’s prepacked flight food.

Here are some clicks from my trip going back to Denmark. Love this click of mine of the Dubai City in the horizon 😉

Somewhere near the town of Samsun in Turkey..

The food while travelling home. Basmati rice with Mung Daal Makhni once again and Paneer Makhni, along with Chaat, Barfi, a spiced bun, crakcers and indian cheese and mineral water.

I normally want to travel with the Emirates while going on long-distance trips, and I’m not going to change my mind 😉

~ AJ


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