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Novotel, Al Barsha – Dubai

I’m very happy with the Accor Hotels, and if you have read my earlier posts, you can see that I stayed at Novotel during my visit to Berlin. Also in Dubai we went for the same, and booked a room for 2 at Novotel Al Barsha. There are both the Novotel Suits and the Novotel Hotel in Al Barsha, and we stayed at the hotel. The residents in Dubai also know the hotel Novotel in Al Barsha as the Novotel Tower – fyi.

The Novotel hotels are 4 star hotels of Accor, and there are unfortunately different 4-star standards from a city to another. Though, in Dubai the hotel is very neat and the service is on top. I enjoyed our stay here, and the staff are very kind. Only minus is their dining halls that a totally full during breakfasts. Also you’ll experience certain people not respecting the restrictions, and they can be very loud. Besides this the food I very good, and there’s something for each nationality (almost) – they serve Aval/Poha, Pongal, Sambar, Parotta, Utthappam and much more, including breads, pancakes, omelettes etc. I really enjoyed the breakfast buffet here 🙂

The rooms are very comfy with much space. They clean your room every day, and there are new towels and new toiletries every day for free use. Everything is very clean and neat. We also asked for a room with view, and we got exactly what we wanted 😉

The view from our room – from the 15th floor!!

Here, the view from the 7h floor, that has the swimming pools and wellness area. Here you can relax, get some massage and other wellness stuff.

The Novotel Hotel in Al Barsha is located perfectly, you can easily get a taxi (and of course there are the hotel taxis too), and it’s close to the Mall of the Emirates. In the area nearby there are many local stores and shops and many good restaurants. There is a pharmacy next to the hotel by the way. So actually, you can get everything here, and for cheap prices. Also by the residents, it is said that Al Barsha is one of the cheapest places to buy food and other stuff, and it’s absolutely true!

I’m planning to visit Dubai again, and will mainly stay here again – I guess.Of course I’d like to try some of the more classy hotels too, let’s see. But Novotel in Al Barsha is definitely worth the money.

~ AJ

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