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Dhandayuthapani Temple, Pazhani

Pazhani (Palani) is the 3rd of the Arupadai Veedu, that are 6 temples dedicated to lord Murugan. This was also the 3rd of the 6 temples, that we visited, during our trip in Tamil Nadu. We actually went on a few-days trip by van, where we visited several famous temples of Tamil Nadu.

Pazhani is a town in the Dindigul district. The Temple of Pazhani is located at the hill Sivagiri. You can reach the temple by the steps, that are carved in the hill, by the railway that has 3 tracks or by the rope way. The hill to the temple has 690 steps, and is actually a very good option to get some exercise 😉

We reached the temple by the track. It was so beautiful!

Lord Murugan is worshipped as Dhandayuthapani in Pazhani, where he is seen in a meditating state, carrying a staff (in tamil, a dhanda) as his weapon (Ayutham) in his hands (Paani), hence the name Dhanda-Ayutha-Pani. The main deity was created and established by the siddhar Bhogar, and is made of Navabhasanam.

It is believed, that the name Pazhani is from the fact, that the tamil poet Avvaiyar called Murugan as “pazham nee” – turning into Pazhani. The legend behind this place and the name Pazhani comes from the time, where lord Murugan as a child, came to this place after his feud with his family over the divine fruit, passed by the sage Naradhar, which Murugan didn’t get.

Also, on the bottom of the hill, there is a smaller temple dedicated to Lord Murugan, known as Kuzhandhai Velayutha Swami, and the place here is named as Thiruvavinankudi, refering to the legend saying that, exactly this lord was worshipped by Goddess Lakshmi (Thiru – tamil word for Lakshmi), the sacred cow Kamadhenu (Aa – tamil word for cow), lord Suryan (Inan – Tamil word for the Sun), the goddess of Earth (Ku – tamil word) and the lord of Fire, Agni (Di – actually Thee, tamil word for fire).

The view from the temple is so beautiful too.

While going down to the town of Pazhani, we took the steps. Very good exercise, indeed! Here, my brother and mom.. 😉

Pazhani is among one of my favourite temples of Tamil Nadu. The surroundings are so beautiful, and I literally filled with inner peace during my prayers. I was stunned and felt so blessed. After this incident, I started to feel very close to lord Murugan, and I still haven’t figured out the reason.

The reason I love to visit Murugan Temples, are that they are mainly placed on hills, there are incredible views, fresh air and you get some exercise. Of course, there are certain legends behind every temple, but the reason to place the most temples of Murugan on hills is, so the pilgrims/devotees get some exercise and a lot of fresh air. Did you know? 😉

~ AJ

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