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New Year’s Eve 2018 – Karma Kafé, Dubai

The 6th day  and New Year’s Eve was celebrated Downtown Dubai. I did some research about several events before we left for Dubai, and I then found out that Karma Kafé offered a NYE menu, that I booked approx. 1 month before, as they had some early bird prices as well.

Karma Kafé is a Pan-Asia restaurant, placed on the 3rd floor in Souk Al Bahar, with a balcony view of Burj Khalifa and the Fountains. Also you can easily enter the ground floor balcony to have the direct view of Burj Khalifa, which was the reason to book a table here for the NYE.

Prior the NYE the streets in Downtown Dubai are blocked by the police, with some of the roads closing already from 4 pm, so we went to Souk Al Bahar already about 4 pm to make sure, to get there without any troubles. We took a local taxi, and got there with not so much troubles. Of there were traffic, but not as tough as expected. As we reached Souk Al Bahar more than 5 hours before the NYE, we just took us a lot of time to relax and walk around in the nearby area and enjoy the pleasant weather. Still each shop, café and lounges in Souk Al Bahar were open during the NYE, but the bridge connecting to the Dubai Mall was closed, so we couldn’t enter Dubai Mall from Souk Al Bahar (unless you take a detour).

We decided to get some cake and some coffee/hot chocolate at Caribou Coffee. I got a yummy Red Velvet cake, and my bestie went for a very chocolate cake 😉

Hereafter we went around in Souk Al Bahar and the outdoor area to get some fresh air and to enjoy the Fountains 😉

There were police and securities everywhere, to make sure that not everyone entered the space. Karma Kafé gave their visitors a band as a pass, that we used to get to the ground floor balcony. This made everything much easier to get around, as sitting all the evening in Souk Al Bahar was too much, and Karma Kafé opened the doors at 8 pm.

Again, excellent service by the staff at Karma Kafé, and very down-to-earth atmosphere.

The NYE menu at Karma Kafé had a 5-course menu, and one for non-vegetarians and another one for vegetarians. My menu had the following:

Course One:

Vegetable Platter with Asparagus, Baby Beet Root, Purple Artichoke and Avocado.

Course Two: 

Maki Platter – Vegetable Maki, Ume Shiso Maki and Kanpyo Maki.

Course Three:

Baked Kabocha with Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower and Kale.

Course Four:

Tofu Steak with Black Winter Truffle, Artichoke, Baby Carrot, Baby Turnip, Snow Pea Noose and Miso Corn Purée.

Course Five:

Dessert Platter – Chocolate Fondant, Lemon Cake and Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream.

Due to NYE there were free bar for the attendants, and luckily a plenty of mocktails too (as my bestie and I don’t consume alcohol). We both tried a Virgin Passion, a mocktail with passion fruit and lychee and guava juice, sweetened with vanilla and rose syrup. And then there were Coke, Water etc.

In between the courses we went down to get some fresh air and to enjoy the Dancing Fountains 😉

Pictures of Burj Khalifa NYE coming in the following post 😉

~ AJ

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