Bombay Urban Cafe, Dubai

After the helicopter tour and visiting the Dubai Frame, where we went for a very big walk, my friend was so exhausted, and only wanted to take some rest – actually sleep, and I was bored AF as I wanted to go for shopping on my own. Dubai is one of the safest places in the world, you can go wherever you want on your own. As we’d already been to Dubai Mall several times, I decided to go to the Mall of the Emirates for some shopping. The Mall of the Emirates has more than 560 shops, more than 90 dining options, 5 star hotels and world’s biggest indoor ski – what an incredible view it has!

The Mall of the Emirates is located near our hotel in Al Barsha, but I went there with a taxi, as I was not sure about walking. Going there with taxi still took about 8-10 minutes.

After the shopping I went for dinner at an indian restaurant nearby our hotel – Bombay Urban Cafe.

Bombay Urban Cafe has plenty of indian dining options and an amazing variety of drinks. The place is very cozy and nice, and the staff is very kind. The prices are fair, actually very cheap. But still the food is great 😉

The starter consisting some yummy pappadums and 3 varieties of chutneys.

I went for a yummy Bombay Blast mocktail along with some jeera basmati rice and a freestyle veg kadahi by the chef, as I am a vegetarian and most on the menu is non-veg. I was actually pretty much amazed with the service, as the chef made exactly what I wanted, though I requested for something out of their menu. I got a very delicious gravy with fresh veggies and paneer. I really loved it!

If you want a very good indian dinner with awesome service, for some cheaper amount, go to Bombay Urban Cafe 😉

~ AJ

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