Dubai Miracle Garden

After exploring the Dubai Aquarium, we got some lunch and then went to the Miracle Garden in Dubai.

Dubai Miracle Garden i was launched on the 14th of February 2013, and occupies over 72.000 square metres, which makes it the biggest flower garden in the world, . It presents over 109 million flowers in different forms.

It’s definitely not easy to get a good picture without having all the tourists wandering around in their own world – especially those with their selfie-sticks, thinking they’re the only persons in the world, photobombing each other with their selfie-sticks. This actually made our visit to be a disappointment. There are really no space for enjoying the flowers. I think it is a pity, as the Miracle Garden is such a beautiful place. But when it’s so crowded, there’s no space for miracles  or really good photo shoot 😦

I’m not sure if it’s better to visit this place in the morning hours, but I guess it’s the best time to visit the place 😉

Though.. I managed to get some pictures! 😉

This teddy bear is 12 m tall! It is one of the latest additions to the park, unveiled in 2017.

Have a great evening!

~ AJ


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