Burj al Arab, Dubai

The dinner on our 2nd day in Dubai was spent on Burj al Arab.

Burj al Arab is the only 7 star hotel in the World, 312 m tall, and placed in the Arabian Sea, 280 m from the coast of Jumeirah Beach , it’s definitely worth a visit!

The hotel’s shape as an Arabian dhow sail represents as a tribute to the seafaring nation, and the stunning iterior design came as a courtesy Khaun Chew. Actually, Khaun Chew has chosen a vibrant colour variation inspired by the elements Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

There are many incredible structures inside the hotel, including the famous Cascade Waterfall, that combines finely atomised water with fibre optics, that forms a unique kaleidoscope effect. The coloumns are embellished with 24 carat gold. So beautiful!

There are also 3 aquariums in the hotel, 2 placed on each side of the main hotel lobby, and one in the Al Mahara restaurant (which we didn’t visit). The aquariums have 50 species of fish.

Here are some pictures more of the incredible parts, we were able to see. I was stunned, and couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful details 😉

An incredible Burj Al Arab Crystal Model by Swarovski

The outdoor view by night ❤

As we were about to go home some VIP’s entered the hotel in these awesome cars 😀

The beautiful Jumeirah Beach Hotel 😉




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