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Al Muntaha – Burj al Arab, Dubai

Dinner on the 2nd day of our trip to Dubai took place at Al Muntaha Restaurant in Burj al Arab.

I was so excited to visit Burj al Arab, as it is the only 7 star hotel in the world. It definitely live up to this. Any place in Dubai is beautiful, many places are with luxurious interior and designs, but Burj Al Arab is something else, it’s grand. I made a small description with pictures about Burj Al Arab in the former post 😉Al Muntaha is placed on the 27th floor, and you attend by lift with view of the sea. As we attended for dinner, we couldn’t really see the sea, but a lift with only windows is a different experience. Also during dining we had a beautiful view.

The food

Al Muntaha is based on German kitchen. We started with some traditional German bread, including rye bread (like tasting Germany and Denmark in Dubai 😛 ) along with salted and unsalted butter.

We got this starter with a kind of crème fraiche and crushed rye bread. I liked this one.

Then I got this vegetarian ravioli. I really loved it. So good 🙂

The main was a vegetarian cannelloni of parsnips and filled with mushrooms. I actually don’t like mushrooms, but this was the only vegetarian main course available, which was a disappointment 🙁

I later made a request to the restaurant on having more vegetarian options, and the chef was totally okay with my request 😉 I find it important to cover any kind of diets, when it’s a 7 star hotel, so I’m happy that the chef actually accepted my request and is going to work with it 🙂

Al Muntaha surprised us with this lovely chocolate cake and a beautiful rose. It was so kind of them, and a very pleasure experience. The cake was sooooo yummy! <3

If you want a very different experience, the go for Burj al Arab; You won’t regret it 😉

~ AJ

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