Souk al Bahar, Dubai

Souk al Bahar is a market place placed Downtown Dubai, in antique Arabian style. It’s a very beautiful contrast to the Dubai Mall, that is placed next to Souk al Bahar. Cross the Souk al Bahar bridge, and you’ll be here! If the architecture of Souk al Bahar is stunning, then the views from here are equally stunning as well – having beautiful views of the Burj Khalifa and the Fountains.  For sure it’s one of the most photographed locations in Dubai ❤

Next to Souk al Bahar there is The Palace Downtown – another beautiful place, I’ll be writing about in one of the coming posts.

I loved being around in Souk al Bahar. In fact this is one of my favourite spots in Dubai!

The outdoor architecture is so amazing, suitable for some photo shoots as well. Inside you’ll find a market place with different shops, from souvenir shops, sweet shops to dining places. There are actually 22 restaurants, cafés and lounges here. Also Souk al Bahar includes some “must visit” places for Instagrammers – not to forget the “Hug a Bear” and the well-known Souk al Bahar chair (I’ll be sharing pictures of these in another post).

The noon on the 2nd day was mostly spent here, exploring architecture and with photoshoots, but we came back to this beautiful place several times. By the way, we celebrated NYE here too.

Here are a few of many of my clicks to be followed 😉

The Palace Downtown ❤

After som sightseeing and photoshoot here, we went to cool down with fresh juices in the Dubai Mall 😉

~ AJ


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