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Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Villa Beach Restaurant, Dubai

The 2nd day in Dubai started with a sightseeing at Souk a Bahar, following with lunch at Jumeirah Beach. I love beaches, and spending time here is like meditation; just watching the beautiful waves and the sound of water is so mesmerizing. In addition, of course Jumeirah Beach is necessary a visit!

I chose to have our lunch at Villa Beach Restaurant at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. It has the most beautiful view of the beach and the Burj al Arab 😉

The good part is that you cannot enter the beach and the restaurant from elsewhere; you can only enter through Jumeirah Beach Hotel (a hotel with stunning interior design, btw!).

From here, you go through the Family Garden – belonging to the Family Garden Suites of Jumeirah. So you actually get a small walk before you enter the beach, and I like this kind of visits, as you walk, get some talk and see all the beautiful things around you.

The stunning view from the Villa Beach Restaurant

I decided to go for a fresh King coconut with my lunch – a simple penne all’arrabiata with veggies. It was so yummy! 🙂

I actually loved this lunch, mostly because of the coziness you find here. Very relaxing and calming. The time went there were perfect, not so many people, a few people on jetskis, much sun and relaxing waves. A lovely experience <3

~ AJ


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