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At.Mosphere Lounge – Dubai

Good morning, lovelies! <3

Firstly, let me wish you a very happy and blessed new year. Hope you all enjoyed the New Year’s Eve to the fullest! 😉

I haven’t written so much the past few weeks, been so busy with work, and then the holiday came. It’s been years since I last travelled outside Europe, and hence the past few months literally have been like hell for me, I decided to celebrate NYE in Dubai – YES!! 

I don’t regret this at all, furthermore I regret that I didn’t visit this amazing place earlier in life. Nevertheless, for sure I’ll visit Dubai again, I LOVE it so much! The following posts will only be about my trip to Dubai – my bestie and I went on a 9 days trip (though 2 of the days were spent on travelling). We flew to Dubai with Emirates, because I love travelling with Emirates, they’re definitely one of the best airlines. Travelling from Jutland is always tough, it takes a lot of time, and then I was happy that we flew with the Emirates.Our first day in Dubai was spent in the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa. We arrived to the hotel about 1:45 am on the 26th of December, so we were so exhausted and woke up very late 😴 There were not any breakfast then, so we directly went to Burj Khalifa. I’d booked a table for High Tea (kind of lunch with tea) at 2pm, and tried to get there in a hurry, as there was a lot of traffic at that time.

Note: If you are in Dubai, and have some plans at noon, be sure to leave early, as there is a lot of traffic in Dubai around 7-8 am, and then again around the noon and 6-8 pm.

So.. We got our long awaited High Tea experience in one of the best restaurants in Dubai – At.Mosphere Restaurant and Lounge. Moreover it’s the tallest restaurant in the world, located on the 122nd floor in Burj Khalifa. OMG, what an amazing view, what an experience! This was actually the best way to begin the holiday 🙂

About the restaurant and the staff:

You can get this lovely High Tea menu at At.Mosphere Lounge. It is one of the best restaurants in Dubai. We visited several luxurious restaurants during the stay, and according to me, this was one of the best. While booking the table (I did this approx. a month before the visit), I let the staff know that both my bestie and I don’t consume alcohol, and that I am a vegetarian. I was not nervous, as I was sure that vegetarian options must be as good as non-veg. Burj Khalifa itself is a great and beautiful building. Everything inside is equal to this – luxury, beautiful interiors, amazing design.. Not surprising, as it consists of the Armani Hotels 😉

The At.Mosphere Lounge too is beautifully designed, very neat.

The staff is VERY service minded! In fact, the staff in every restaurant I visited is service minded to the fullest, and are so kind. The staff on At.Mosphere is definitely no exception! They totally live up to the standard of a gourmet restaurant; they are always smiling, ready to help you, talkative and so kind. They keep checking up that everything is good, keep checking and fill up your glasses with water and drinks – always with a smile. It makes your experience even better 🙂

The View

Unforgettable moments, beautiful views. Not telling anything else.

(Most of my pictures are captured with my Canon EOS 750D, others with my besties Samsung, and finally some with my iPhone 7)

Do you mind having a view of Burj al Arab surrounded with beautiful fog?

And a full view of the Dubai Fountains and The Dubai Mall on the left..

The food

We got the High Tea Luxurious menu that includes Pierlant Brut, but as we don’t consume alcohol, this was not served. We instead got a bottle of sparkling dates juice; this was indeed one of the best sparkling juices I’ve ever tried!

The lunch started with a kind of creamy soup with gourmet mini tomatoes (in the bottom). I really don’t know where on Earth you get such delicious tomatoes, if I ever find out I’ll buy tons of these! They were so tiny, yet so yummy and took the taste of tomatoes to another level. The soup in consistent was creamy, well prepared and very good in taste.

The following; the Declinations – a selection of the chef’s finest homemade finger sandwiches. As you can see, my bestie got the whole platter of the selection – includes non-veg, and I got the selection of veg-only finger sandwiches. Another different experience, lovely!

The next; The main course.

I got a risotto with barley. I must admit that I was a bit nervous for this one, as I’ve tried this kind of risotto somewhere else, which was a disastrous experience. But this one, served here, was something else. The best risotto so far! The base was finely made with perfect seasoning, and the barley was just perfect.

The final; Tower of Finest Patisseries and Homemade English Scones, with Traditional accompaniments, with your selection of tea.

I was actually very much looking forward for this one, but I was fed up too quickly, and was able to eat only 3-4 things from this tower 🙁

The tea; Sweet France

A delicious blend of green tea with exotic flowers and chamomile. I added no sugar, and it was still lovely.

Though I couldn’t eat more cake and scones, it was all good. Delicious. Highly recommendable.

If you ever visit Dubai, make sure to get a table here. For the food, the view, the staff and the whole experience. I’m definitely going to do this again <3

After this stunning lunch, we had to go to the Dubai Mall for collecting our tickets to “At The Top” experience. But before that, we of course had to click some pictures of the view outside Burj Khalifa <3

KUDOS to this worker!

That curved building though.. Love architecture! And here you can also see one of the so called hotel taxis, Lexus cars for sure.

~ AJ

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