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Netru Indru Naalai, Forever ARR!

Yes, I went to Wembley last weekend to experience the magic of A R Rahman – the living legend.

I’ve always liked his music, of course who don’t? I’ve grown up with his music, but I have never been a kind of fan, until recently while I was suffering from post-commotional syndrome the fast 6 months. I’ve been suffering with hyperacusis and tinnitus, which have caused so much of problems to the everyday life. I tried to listen to music I used to listen to, but this really didn’t work for me. In fact, it made it all worse. I was not able to read, to meditate, to listen to loud stuff, and I even had troubles talking to others. Here, I slowly began to listen to ARR’s music more and more, and this was what helped me out of that state. It actually started when the song Vaan from Kaatru Veliyidai released. I realized this song made something to me, and from here, I started to collect more of his songs, made a specific playlist on Spotify that had to cure me.

While listening to ARR’s music I slowly started to recover. I could sleep, I could read, and I could finally run. Thanks to ARR’s magic.

That was the reason to buy a VIP-ticket for his concert, which was a celebration of his silver jubilee.

The concert was the best thing I’ve ever experienced so far. It was pure magic, and there were so much joy and positive energy. You can’t even imagine it, and I wish I could just re-experience it all again!

We came to Wembley Friday night, quickly checked in at the hotel, which was opposite to the SSE Arena, and then went to Sugar Mill Deserts. I ordered a very delicious vegetarian burger with halloumi and spicy fries to end the day. It was soooo good!

Luckily, the hotel CityLiveIn is in the opposite of SSE Arena at Lake Side Way. Behind this hotel you find the Designer Outlet of London. Also my brother joined at the same hotel with his friend, as they too went to the ARR concert 😉

The Saturday morning was spend here with breakfast and shopping, and we later went to Ealing Road for shopping some sarees and get a lunch at Sharavanaa Bhavan, before going to the concert. But no, I wore a simple dress for the concert 😉

My fave food – Dosa. Here, Mysore Dosa – Plain dosa with spicy chutney spread and additionally 3 other delicious chutneys and sambar. So yummy 🙂

It was nice to see my brother after 2 weeks, as he has went on a solo trip in Europe by Interrail. So we went for lunch together.

As I had a VIP-ticket for the event, I had to meet at the doors at 6pm. I got my ticket and some goodies, which included a T-shirt with ARR’s autograph. Finally, I could enter the hall, and get my seat on the 11th row in the A3 🙂 I guess there were only 20 people at that time 😛

That “happy me”-moment as I entered the venue.

The show was set to start approx. at 7.30 pm, but it started about 8.15. That was okay. ARR entered the arena with a bang, and I still can’t figure out how he actually entered O_O but it was amazing, and people were sooooooo crazy 😀

I tried to film some of the moments, but I later found out that the Camera app on my phone had some kind of SW damage, and it only worked on the Snap Chat app. How great :-/

ARR while performing Enna Sona. So beautiful <3

Beside that, it was the best concert ever 😀 😀 The best thing was actually to experience all those songs from the childhood, including songs like Humma, Urvashi, Chinna china aasai, Usilampatti, Dil se, Aathangara Marame to the newer ones like Endrendrum Punnagai, Balleilakka, and songs like Azhagiye, Saarattu vandiyile. He even performed a very beautiful Qawali, that included songs like Maula Maula and Kun Faya Kun. Songs like Enna sona, Chandralekha, Jiya Re, Mayya Mayya were also performed. I loved it, I enjoyed it to the core, sang along, clapped.

Artists Haricharan (OMG!!), Benny Dayal, Jonita, Neeti Mohan, Javed Ali, Mohini, Keba Jeremiah and much more gifted talents took part in this concert. I wish I could’ve met Haricharan, but I didn’t. My brother met some of the singers bww 😛

The highlight?


I was not only blessed enough to go to his concert, but also to meet him and get his personal blessing. Yeah, I look like an idiot, was not ready when the picture was taken 🙁 But hey, I met him! Do I need more? He is actually the only one who cured me with his music. According to me, his music is equal to God. I cannot thank him enough.

Okay, I was not ready at all when the picture was taken, I really regret that I didn’t asked the photographer for one more click with the legend. But that’s okay – all what matters is, that I met him. I think I was a bit confused at that moment, haha.

All I want to say is:

Thank you Ji, for your music. May God bless you to live a very long, healthy and prosperous life, and letting us listen to more of your magical music. Thank you sincerely!

~ AJ

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