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Dining at the TV Tower, Berlin

As noted in one of the previous posts, my bestie and I visited the TV Tower in Berlin for a dinner.

This was one of the best experiences during our stay in Berlin, and something I’ll definitely recommend you to do, if you plan going to Berlin 😉

The TV Tower itself is 368 m. You can either get tickets to the observation desk, or book a fast track ticket to the desk too. If you need some more, you can book a table on the 360 degree restaurant, that also gives you a fast track entry including a 2 course dinner during a 1,5 hour visit, where you can sit at a window and enjoy a 360 degree view of Berlin.

If you ask me, I’d say that the food is only average, but the experience itself is so good, that you’ll actually enjoy the food too 😛 Definitely a visit worth! 😉

~ AJ

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