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Amrit Indisches Restaurant, Potsdamer Platz – Berlin

After visiting Brandenburger Thor, The Holocast Memorial and Berliner Mauer we were so exhausted and hungry. Especially because we were walking for really, experience the atmosphere in Berlin. I had made a wuick research on indian restaurants in Berlin, and found out that Amrit is among the top indian restaurants in Berlin [according to Tripadvisor]. The one in Potsdamer Platz was the nearest of all Amrit restaurants, we decided to get our dinner here. We both were extremely hungry, and were looking forward to get some food..

As we entered the restaurant, staff was nice and found a table for us in a hurry. Afterwards it went so sloppy, and I even got tired of waiting – first for ordering the food, next to get our orders. What was worse was that there were many staffs, but they were all just chatting with each other, instead of working. We could not even call them, as they were too busy talking. In addition, the music was so loud, so it started to become a stressful experience. Unfortunately!

I ordered a channa (chickpeas) masala with rice. We got some salad too; the most boring, non-appealing salad ever. The main course, my long awaited spicy channa masala, was only good in appearance, maybe because I was too hungry 😛 The taste was only average and the rice was sticky. I slowly started to regret choosing this place, and both my bestie and I couldn’t really eat the food.

Last, but not least, I ordered gulab jamun for dessert, but also this was a disappointing experience. The gulab jamuns (4 pieces) were again average, not really tasty, and they were covered with some mango pieces, lychee and some weird mango puree. Actually, the fruit tasted like canned fruit. Was not fresh and yummy. This didn’t taste good at all 🙁

I still wonder how this happens to be the 7th best indian restaurant in Berlin. Maybe we were just unlucky, who knows. If you ask me, I would not recommend you guys to visit this place. Potsdamer Platz, Mitte and Kreuzberg have better places to dine at 😉

[Sorry for sharing, but I also need to mention about experiences like these 😛 ]

~ AJ


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